Fiscal and Company Law

Tax/Fiscal Law

current accountancy and payroll for all company entities, preparation and filing of annual returns and all tax
filings (corporate tax, trade tax, VAT, income t
ax for companies and private persons).

• legal and tax advice/preparation, as well as special assistance for companies: start-ups to

   medium-sized companies (SMEs).

• preparing reports on the profitability of businesses;

   as well as developing profitability plans - and liquidity plans to apply for funding  

• processing of ongoing financial demands for businesses / i.e. for wage departments, and  

   their annual accounts.

• administrative and judicial appeal: defense law for unjustified demands of tax authorities

   as well as criminal tax delinquencies 

• monitoring of operations: sales tax and special audits

• advice on insolvency for individuals and companies

• advice on company law/ law of partnership in fiscal structures

• legal and tax advice for establishing numerous German and European companies as  

  well as litigation support with civil and international law

Company law

• launching companies, preparing fiscal structures for tax optimization